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Compassionate Uncoupling

My intention is to offer separating couples the opportunity to transform their way of rela

Separating with grace

Divorce and separation can be one of the most stressful and emotionally charged events of your life. Not only do you have to face heartbreak, but you will need to restructure your finances, household and in some instances even your identity. This process can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Compassionate uncoupling is a process that is designed to guide you through this challenging transformation with grace, compassion and clarity. My intention is to offer separating couples the opportunity to transform their way of relating into one which serves both parties and the family unit. For some this might mean to make a clean break and for others it might mean to shift from lovers to friends.

I started my journey working as a divorce attorney which left me frustrated and saddened by how the legal system was failing once-lovers and families to resolve their disputes and conflicts with ease and grace .This drove me to find a better and more effective way to be of service to separating couples. In 2016 I completed my training as an accredited mediator. Since completing my accreditation and for the past 5 years I have been studying non-violent communication and various other transformational modalities (tantra and yoga)  that have given me the necessary tools to assist separating couples with emotional processing, transforming triggers, identifying core needs and effective communication. 

My services include emotional support and release, teaching effective communication and listening skills, divorce coaching, mediation and drafting of settlement agreements and parenting plans. Every couple is unique, which means that I tailor the separation process to every couple’s specific needs. 

What I can help you with:

  • Drafting parenting plans

    • parental rights and responsibilities 

    • child care and contact arrangements

  • Mediating maintenance

    • setting up a budget for the financial needs of the children

    • calculating pro rata share of the financial responsibility of each parent ( how much each parent should contribute to the children's expenses)

  • asset distribution 

    • helping parties to understand the effect of divorce on their estates

  • guidance through the legal process of divorce

  • emotional support 

    • learning how to process difficult emotions, self regulation and understanding the root cause of triggers

  • chord cutting and cutting of unhealthy emotional bonds

  • effective communication and learning how to deal with conflict in a healthy way

  • how to use hearthbreak as a tool for growth 

How sessions work:

  • My sessions can be either on zoom or in person in my session space in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. I am also willing to meet couples in their homes, coffee shops or a safe space in nature (traveling costs will be applicable). I understand that this process can be difficult and want to move away from using a cold office space.

  • My sessions are usually 60 - 90 minutes and my fees are R1200-00 per session.

  • If needed, I often advise couples to also see me individually. 

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