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Relating in Truth & Holistic Mediation

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Couples Sessions

Relating in truth is a way of relating for those who long to grow and awaken together. It is for the brave hearts who long to create a relationship which is alive. Relating in truth is not for those who choose to hide in the false safety of not looking at stuck points and want to avoid facing difficult feelings. Relating in Truth means acknowledging that the people who we attract into our lives are mirrors and that they reflect our inner world back to us. They provide us with the gift to truly see ourselves and to practice opening our hearts to life and to love. It is choosing love that does not contract and try to keep your partner small, but rather creating a safe space that allows for all of you to be present in the relating. To build a relationship that serves you; that gives you energy and that is a rich abundant well that you can resource from. This is the type of relating that I wish to explore and share with you. 

In my sessions I provide a safe container for couples to find their inner truth. I provide tools and practices that guide you to deeper intimacy. I see conflict as a potent truth teacher. It shows us where our aliveness and communication is not flowing. It gives us the opportunity to practice empathy and compassion and to process difficult emotions. 

What I do in my sessions has been birthed out of my studies and experience as a criminal and divorce attorney, mediator, yoga teacher and now also a tantric practitioner. My work is informed by non violent communication, Tantra, the teachings of Ester Perel and embodiment practices that allows one to become deeply connected with yourself and the people in your life. I am not interested in therapising, diagnosing, patronising or lecturing my clients. I am called to meet you in truth and relate from the heart. We are all longing for deep and meaningful connections. My wish is to be of service to those who are brave enough to go there.

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