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My Approach

I call myself the Tantrik Mediator as I facilitate resolve between parts of people that are in conflict with their True nature.

I used to be a divorce attorney by trade and turned conflict resolution, communication and relating into my spiritual practice. Tantra, Yoga and Non Violent Communication are the tools that I use to work with the Heart.I am devoted to living a life that is aligned with the Truth of my Heart and the Heart of Reality and I invite others to join me in this dance. 

Tantra teaches that our true nature is radiant and blissful. From a very young age we are taught that some of our emotions and thoughts are bad and that we need to hide or supress them in order to be liked, accepted and even survive. When our nervous systems can’t cope with the intensity of particular feelings, we develop stories, beliefs, and coping mechanisms – which I call strategies- that will help us to store those feelings for when we are ready to face and feel them. 

Our bodies don’t understand time – they function on a level of feeling and sensation. When certain sensations or feelings are evoked and the body uses the strategy it has learnt to make you feel safe, Ie supress, avoid, numb, freeze, flee or fight, and is responding to the past and not to what is happening in the present moment. These automated responses and strategies are not aligned with what is truly happening real time.

If you have become aware of your strategies that are no longer serving you I can assist you in completing the flow of emotions and releasing you form the bondage of the past.

I use body work and tantrik practices to work with your nervous system and mediation to facilitate conversations between parts of you that might be in conflict. Ie the part of you that wants to let go of these strategies that are no longer serving you and the part that thinks it is still very necessary to protect you in that way.

I have a background in martial arts, yoga, law, non violent communication, mediation and I am in an ongoing devotional practice to study Truth through Tantrik Philosophy. I use all these tools in my session work to assist you in realizing your wholeness. This will enable you to meet life with all of you and live life more fully. My background in logic problem solving as well as working with the body allows me to work with your triggers on a somatic level as well as guiding you to integrate and provide resolve on a practical level.

I work with both individuals and couples in my sessions.

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